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After going to see the premiere of Star Wars in my hometown one hot summer's eve back in '77, I became an instant fan of what would become one of the greatest movie franchises of all time. As a kid, I always thought it would be epic to have my very own original Star Wars movie poster. While attending an afternoon re-release of the film in 1981, I had the good fortune of receiving some promotional items from the theater manager. He was handing out something to the patrons of the film because the

in a galaxy far,

"Two Week Only" run of the movie was over. This is where I obtained my first original Star Wars movie poster and a copy of the program. Little did I know then, that after forty-two years of acquiring these posters, I would be able to create such a highly specialized collection of theatrical posters from around the globe and share them with all the fans of the Star Wars Saga. Star Wars has become a part of our popular culture and the fascination with collecting theater movie posters and

far away....

other memorabilia from this film series continues to this day. That's why our website resource is here to help out anyone who has a passion, interest, questions, or just curiosity about the numerous worldwide movie posters from the Star Wars Saga. Enjoy the largest and most comprehensive Star Wars theatrical poster archive on the net! And just remember, it really is epic to have an original Star Wars movie poster on your wall. Or maybe two or three...