April 2009

Is the Jawa Meter accurate? (eg. - Star Wars Style "A" One-Sheet)

About the Jawa Meter - first, realize it's just for fun, however, it is pretty accurate when you consider it gives you a good idea of what might be easier to obtain amongst the different one-sheets and other posters.

How come the bottom description fonts on the Star Wars Happy Birthday One-sheet look weird?

How come the bottom description fonts on the Star Wars Happy Birthday One-sheet look weird? (Also, take a look at the Empire Strikes Back teaser Studio version - same weird font.)

Why are some of the Star Wars British quads trimmed?

It is common to find some of these quads trimmed, however, each poster was originally printed in the standard 30" x 40" size. The Empire Strikes Back style "A" quad, along with the UK Triple Bill and one version of the UK ROTJ are commonly found slightly smaller than the traditional 30" x 40" size. Corroborated speculation from many UK movie poster houses that we have talked to, gives us these plausible reasons some of them show up with smaller dimensions because - 1. Collectors used to cut or fold them to fit the standard American frames - 27" x 40/41". 2.

Do you have a Japanese Return of the Jedi Yamakatsu "Starfall" poster for sale?

Simply put - "Usually no, but sometimes yes". This Japanese premium poster is the most requested e-mail that we get. Back in 1983, the poster started out as a rare item, but it was not as incredibly rare as it has become today. This foreign poster is one of the favorite artwork posters (by Noriyoshi Ohrai) that Star Wars poster collectors often seek. Our suggestion to you on finding this poster, - is to watch the eBay auctions - (4 of them were for sale last year) also if you are more determined, I have seen them for sale on the Japanese Yahoo auction website.

Lucasfilm Ltd. watermark on the new Ep1 prequel posters. (Answered e-mail)

Here is my understanding of the Lucasfilm Ltd. watermark after talking with friends at Lucasfilm Ltd./printers and having collected almost every copy of these Ep1 theatrical posters from around the world.