February 2011

The Empire Strikes Back poster concept

This Empire Strikes Back unattributed poster concept, includes Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader dueling with lightsabers, while Princess Leia looks on. In the background of this darker drawing is what appears to be Hoth and some Imperial Walkers. In the upper left-hand corner are shooting star trails and a space battle.

Star Wars poster concept - Thomas Chantrell

This Star Wars poster concept, from Thomas Chantrell, includes elements that would later become part of the final international style "C" illustration.

Star Wars poster concept / ad - Dan Goozee preliminary painting

In 1977, freelance artist Dan Goozee submitted this illustration - "the swashbuckling swing" for consideration to Lucasfilm Ltd. for use as the Star Wars one-sheet. Although mainly considered only a concept, it was used briefly for the initial advertising campaign.

The Empire Strikes Back quad poster concept

This is a unique The Empire Strikes Back quad poster concept, based on many of Ralph Mcquarrie's pre-production paintings for the 'ESB'. This original concept composition artwork piece combined the artwork studies of Mike Bell (figures), Eddie Paul (Darth Vader head logo), and Ralph McQuarrie (Bespin). The detailing includes the silver logo, which has been cut and pasted to a handpainted background and individual areas of touch-up. The original painting is shown below.

The Empire Strikes Back poster concept - Sanjulián

This "The Empire Strikes Back" poster concept was created by Manuel Pérez Clemente (better known as Sanjulián; born 24 June 1941). He is a Spanish painter, most notable for his magazine and novel covers. He was born in Barcelona and studied at Belles Arts of Sant Jordi.

This black and white illustration was submitted to Lucasfilm Ltd. and mainly focuses on the characters of the film, with the film logo in the center and an overbearing Luke on his tauntaun at the top.

Star Wars poster concept - Druillet

In 1977, the French science-fiction cartoonist Philippe Druillet was asked by George Lucas to create a gouache illustration based on his Star Wars films. The painting he came up with included a menacing Darth Vader head, shaped like a Mayan pyramid, surrounded by warrior-like Stormtroopers, with space worlds and glaring flare uprising in the middle. (Philippe Druillet is a French comics artist and creator, and an innovator in visual design.)

The Empire Strikes Back poster concept - Chantrell

After supplying 20th Century Fox with the quintessential Star Wars international poster artwork brand, Thomas Chantrell once again drew up a concept piece prototype featuring a dominating Luke Skywalker central figured montage for the upcoming Empire Strikes Back film. He submitted it to Lucasfilm Ltd., however, it remained unused.

Polish "Episode 2 - Atak klonów" Billboard

Here is a large Polish 'Episode 2 Atak klonów' billboard poster featuring Jango Fett and the clone troopers. Used as part of the film's outdoor campaign to promote the movie.

Moc Dźwięku Jest Z Nami! THX (The power of sound is with us!) THX

Star Wars painted advert '77 - Mann's Chinese Theatre

The original Star Wars promotional advertisement painted on the theater side of Grauman's Chinese Theatre (Mann's Chinese Theatre '73 - '01).

South Korean Star Wars Academy Awards Advertisement

This newspaper advert is for the South Korean Star Wars release of the film. It features a mashup collage of live movie scenes built upon the Thomas Chantrell and the Hildebrandt Bros. "Star Wars" drawings. At the top, the poster features a section that showcases how many awards the film received at the 50th Academy Awards. It shows a small Oscar statuette next to each of the vertical lists of winning categories, along with the "☆1978 年은 「스타 • 워스」의 해!" (☆1978 is the year of "Star • Wars" !) at the top.