March 2011

Star Wars Movie Ticket Stub - Salt Lake City

'89 Star Wars trilogy movie ticket stub from the Villa Theatre in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Star Wars Movie Ticket Stub - Brighton

'83 Star Wars Triple Bill movie ticket stub from the Odeon Film Centre in Brighton East Sussex, UK.

Star Wars Movie Ticket Stub - Hong Kong

'78 Star Wars movie ticket stub from the Ocean Theatre in Hong Kong.

German Star Wars Marquee Billboard

1978 Star Wars Marquee Billboard for the Royal Palast cinema in Berlin, Germany.

Star Wars poster concept - Papuzza

Michelangelo Papuzza - Here are some early Star Wars concept illustrations done for the Italian poster advertisement campaign by Papuzza. Some of the cartoon-like designs made it into the final artwork used for the photobusta and due posters.

- These concepts for the Italian Star Wars Posters are great. I really wonder why they chose to go with the one in which Luke and Leia have no resemblance to Mark Hamill and Carrie Fisher. - Ned Wazowski

Star Wars poster concept - McQuarrie

Ralph McQuarrie - In 1976, visionary artist Ralph McQuarrie created a concept for a Star Wars one-sheet poster that would inspire artists around the globe; Darth Vader standing before the Death Star, towering over the young rebel heroes.