March 2011

Star Wars Triple Bill Movie Ticket Stub - Salt Lake City

'89 Star Wars trilogy movie ticket stub from the Villa Theatre in Salt Lake City, Utah. The special performance benefited 'The Primary Children's Medical Center'.

Star Wars Movie Ticket Stub - Brighton Odeon Film Centre

'83 Star Wars Triple Bill movie ticket stub from the Odeon Film Centre in Brighton East Sussex, UK. Seating for this ticket was in the Stalls for £4.00 (the seats on the main level of a theater in front of the stage).

Star Wars Movie Ticket Stub - Hong Kong

'78 Star Wars movie ticket stub from the Ocean Theatre in Hong Kong on February 5th. The deluxe Ocean Theatre was situated in the Tsim Sha Tsui district on the Kowloon side of Hong Kong and opened for business on February 14, 1969. It had a spacious lobby and a well-designed auditorium with 1,772 seats on the first floor of a hotel building. It was equipped with the latest technology so that it could even play films shot in 70MM.

German Star Wars (Krieg der Sterne) Marquee Billboard

1978 Star Wars Marquee Billboard for the Royal Palast cinema in Berlin, Germany. The Royal Palast and Europa Studio opened in 1965 with 904 seats, together with screen 2, originally named the ‘City’ cinema (609 seats). In 1983 three more screens were added, using the former spacious foyer. The Royal Palast was especially remarkable as it was equipped with Europe’s largest screen (except for IMAX of course). The Royal Palast and Europa Studio were closed on 28th April 2004. *Theater information from

Italian Star Wars poster concepts - Papuzza

These famous design ideas were created by the publicist Edoardo Ezio Pizzi, the man who handled all publicity and press relations for Unidis and Jolly Films with Studio Pizzi, Largo Messico, Rome. At the time, Pizzi was working freelance for 20th Century Fox in Italy and hired Sicilian artist Michelangelo Papuzza to complete the renderings. Here are some of those early Star Wars concept illustrations done for the Italian poster advertisement campaign by Papuzza. Some of the cartoon-like designs made it into the final artwork used for the photobusta and due fogli film posters.

Star Wars poster concept - Ralph McQuarrie

In 1976, visionary artist Ralph McQuarrie created a concept for a Star Wars one-sheet poster that would inspire artists around the globe. It had Darth Vader standing before the Death Star, towering over the young Rebel heroes, while starships barreled out of the sides. An original concept film logo was used at the top along with a tagline in Lorem ipsum or dummy text. The billing block below was also filled in with empty filler.