November 2017

Persian Star Wars (جنگ ستارگان) newspaper advertisement

Very cool advert showing Star Wars - Thomas Chantrell style "C" artwork and academy Oscar statuettes won. Newsprint advertisement is in Persian.

جنگ‌های ستاره‌ای (به انگلیسی: Star Wars) که در ایران با عنوان جنگ ستارگان شناخته می‌شود، نام یک مجموعه فیلم سینمایی حماسی در ژانر اپرای فضایی است که جورج لوکاس کارگردان آمریکایی خالق آن است و از آن به عنوان یکی از موفق‌ترین و تاثیرگذارترین فرانشیزها در صنعت سینما یاد می‌کنند.

Portuguese Star Wars (A Guerra das Estrelas) newspaper advertisement

First off, we would like to pose a question to any knowledgeable person(s) that might be able to answer this simple question. Why are there no original Portuguese (from Portugal) film posters (pôster do filme) for the original Star Wars trilogy? We know that Portugal has had a vibrant cinema culture over the last 125+ years, so we have always been curious as to why there are no official theatrical 'native language' poster memorabilia, from the "Star Wars" '77-'83 era, that appears from this country.

O Retorno de Jedi - Lobby Cards

Check out this set of lobby cards from the Brazilian release of Return of the Jedi.