December 2018

Ever wonder how the National Screen Service printed the inserts and half-sheets?

Here are two pictures that show how the National Screen Service (NSS) printed up the half-sheets and inserts together on the same 30" x 36" heavy poster stock. These are uncut proofs from the Return of the Jedi style "B" half-sheet and insert, and the '85 re-release half-sheet and insert versions.

Norwegian Star Wars (Stjernekrigen) newspaper advertisement

Norwegian Star Wars newspaper ad for the premiere of the film at the Colosseum.
(Filmsuksessen Som Slår Alle Rekorder! Et Romeventyr Fullt Av Fart Spenming Og Moroi Premiére På Colosseum Kl. 18-20.30-2. Juledagi)
The film success that breaks all records! A Roman adventure full of speed Excitement and fun Premiere at the Colosseum 18-20.30-2. Christmas Day
(Originalmusikken Får De Hos Deres Forhandler!) - You can get the original music from your dealer!

Revenge of the Jedi Concept Sketch

Here is a side-by-side concept sketch drawing by Thomas Jung for the Revenge of the Jedi film. It is always fascinating to see the initial ideas and thoughts of an artist, for the promotion of an upcoming film.