Corvin Filmpalast showcasing the premiere of Csillagok háborúja in Budapest '79

On the Pest side of the city (Budapest's top attractions lie on the Pest side of the city) is the Corvin Budapest Filmpalast. It had a 1,200-seat capacity when it first opened on November 22nd, 1922, with an orchestra of 32 players. Three sets of double doors lead to the entrance, which is framed by a stone bust of King Matthias Corvinus that is surrounded by nymphs. A half-domed rotunda with a clock on top is located behind this on a recessed balcony. Jozsef Rona's sculptured relief panels are embedded into the facade on either side of the entryway.

The 1956 revolution caused extensive damage to the structure. After renovation, it remained one of Budapest's top theaters.

More improvements were made in 1996, and by adding additional screens—all of which bear the names of notable individuals—it was transformed into a six-screen multiplex, the second-largest in the city. 460 people can now sit in the main screen room, while 295, 252, 200, 122, and 90 people can sit in the smaller theatres. *Theater information from