Debuting today is the Official Theatrical poster for The Last Jedi!

The official theatrical poster for The Last Jedi was announced today on Twitter's #WhatsHappening today by director Rian Johnson. (10/09/17) With an overwhelming amount of red vibrant overtones, this poster features a powerful prominent image of a hooded Luke Skywalker above Rey and Kylo Ren, who have their respective lightsabers drawn. General Leia Organa is centered on the poster, surrounded with the film’s heroes, villains, and ships. Just below them is the title of the film - Star Wars "The Last Jedi" in black and white, and at the bottom is a squad of Resistance ski speeders on a collision course with First Order walkers. The cast, credits, and release date (December 15) are seen on the bleached desert floor that separates the two opposing forces. Poster design is by BOND.