Star Wars poster concept - Doyle, Dane, and Burnbach

Star Wars: A New Hope, 1977

An original concept poster design for the 1977 Lucasfilm / 20th Century Fox production Star Wars: A New Hope, the artwork printed in monochrome on card, the typeface Somewhere out there, it may all be happening right now. STAR WARS printed on celluloid overlay 20½x14¼in. (52x36cm.) The Star Wars logo illustrated in this storyboard features a pointed "W", a feature of the pre-release promotional products and advertisements for the film. The advertising campaign for A New Hope was undertaken by Doyle, Dane and Burnbach (DDB). The same advertising company produced the first advance posters which also featured the pointed "W" and the similar tag line of 'a boy, a girl and a universe'.

Below we are also showing several more of these early pre-production concept posters from DDB circa 1976 / 1977. They typically are found in (11" x 14") sizes, and it is most interesting to see all of the taglines that they were trying to come up with to describe this new science fiction film.

An odyssey to the edge ... - Luke pilot outfit, Stormtrooper head
Every epic ever written, every legend ever told - Luke headset, Vader Eye
Someday ... a war will be fought across an entire galaxy - Thomas Jung art