Poster Concepts

Revenge of the Jedi Concept Sketch

Here is a side by side concept sketch drawing by Thomas Jung for the Revenge of the Jedi film. Always interesting to see initial ideas for an upcoming film.

An interview with Tom Beauvais (Film On Paper)

This is such a wonderful interview from 2013, by Eddie Shannon of Film On Paper, that I wanted to again re-post it for collectors to have the chance to learn more about artist Tom Beauvais. And of course for us here at the archive, to see the previously unseen British Quad concept for Star Wars. For the interview - follow this link: Interview

Empire Strikes Back '79 poster concept

Another Empire Strikes Back unattributed poster concept. Includes Luke, Leia, and Han in a upwards forward motion with lightsaber drawn, battling with Vader, stormtroopers, and Bespin in the background. Supporting cast members along with Lando looking like a "Count" in a circle bubble are on the right side of the poster. It has "The war isn't over..." at the top and the logo and credits at the bottom. Interesting Note* - A thumbnail of this poster sketch showed up on a modern day Star Wars collage checklist print circa 2005.

Star Wars Original Pre-Production Full-Color Illustration By Colin Cantwell

A great glimpse into early pre-production artwork for Star Wars -

Empire Strikes Back poster concept - Tom Jung

Original concept drawing for the Empire Strikes Back one-sheet poster. (1980) Sketch accomplished in pencil featuring Darth Vader with Imperial Walkers and the film logo (on illustration paper). Signed at the lower right, “Tom Jung.” Measures 14" x 17".

Post for my Dad! - Thanks for being my hero and mentor! - May the Force be with You!


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