Do you have a Japanese Return of the Jedi Yamakatsu "Starfall" poster for sale?

Simply put - "Usually No". This Japanese premium poster is the most requested e-mail that we get. Back in 1983, the poster started out as a rare item, but it was not as incredibly rare as it has become today. This foreign poster is one of the most favorite artwork posters (by Noriyoshi Ohrai) that Star Wars poster collectors often seek. Our suggestion to you on finding this poster, - is to watch the eBay auctions - (2 of them were for sale last year) & also if you are more determined, I have seen them for sale on the Japanese Yahoo auction website.

You have a Star Wars poster listed on your website that I would like to buy. Is it for sale?

See our (Shop) website. We list everything that we currently have for sale on those pages. E-mail us if anything interests you. As far as all of the other posters listed in this archive, they are usually not for sale individually.

Lucasfilm watermark on the new Ep1 prequel posters. (Answered e-mail)

Here is my understanding of the Lucasfilm watermark after talking with friends at Lucasfilm/printers and having collected almost every copy of these Ep1 theatrical posters from around the world.