You ever have one of those days?

My good friend sent me this picture of how his Advance Teaser one-sheet from The Force Awakens arrived at his doorstep. The sad part is, this is not the worst condition that I have ever received a poster in from the mailman.

The Force Awakens regular official theatrical poster revealed

Star Wars: The Force Awakens is just two months away and today the official theatrical poster was revealed, showcasing the cast of characters in a collage of action, lasers, ships, and lightsabers!

A new The Force Awakens Poster unveiled today at Disney’s D23 Expo

Today at Disney's D23 Expo convention in Anaheim, CA, a new Star Wars: The Force Awakens poster was revealed to the audience. The poster was an exclusive item given out to the attendees of Disney's live action presentation and it was created by the legendary Star Wars artist Drew Struzan! The poster has Finn, Rey, and Kylo Ren featured on it, along with are old favorite smuggler - Han Solo. The big reveal from the artwork was John Boyega's character Finn wielding a lightsaber. Is he a new Jedi in the making? (Size = 13" x 19")

Star Wars poster in Arabic - Sorta / Bootleg

While perusing the world wide web recently looking for posters, I ran across this picture and was oddly excited for a couple of seconds. Most of the Middle Eastern countries that did get the pleasure of seeing the film Star Wars back in the late 70's, were distributed international English versions of the USA theatrical posters for advertisement. I looked at it closely for a moment, than realized it had taken elements from a fairly recent illustration by Russell Walks, for the Celebration VI fan convention in 2012.

Return of the Jedi Novelization - Iran

A little off topic but certainly related to worldwide Star Wars items. Here is a pic of the Iranian version of the Return of the Jedi novel, written by James Kahn and published on 05/12/83 by Del Rey Books. It is in the Persian language. Enjoy!

Star Wars Episode VII Teaser Poster Revealed

A version of the Star Wars Episode VII "The Force Awakens" teaser poster was unveiled today at the Star Wars Celebration in Anaheim. It was handed out during the movie panel discussion and it harkens back to some old school poster-making with a 3D throwback slanted left to right perspective.The actual teaser poster which will debut in theaters starting in May, with the release of the Avengers: Age of Ultron, has just a black starry background, with the logo and a “December” reminder of the film’s release date. Check out both pics in this post.

Empire Strikes Back '79 poster concept

Another Empire Strikes Back unattributed poster concept. Includes Luke, Leia, and Han in a upwards forward motion with lightsaber drawn, battling with Vader, stormtroopers, and Bespin in the background. Supporting cast members along with Lando looking like a "Count" in a circle bubble are on the right side of the poster. It has "The war isn't over..." at the top and the logo and credits at the bottom. Interesting Note* - A thumbnail of this poster sketch showed up on a modern day Star Wars collage checklist print circa 2005.

Star Wars Original Pre-Production Full-Color Illustration By Colin Cantwell

A great glimpse into early pre-production artwork for Star Wars -