Empire Strikes Back '79 poster concept

Another Empire Strikes Back unattributed poster concept. Includes Luke, Leia, and Han in a upwards forward motion with lightsaber drawn, battling with Vader, stormtroopers, and Bespin in the background. Supporting cast members along with Lando looking like a "Count" in a circle bubble are on the right side of the poster. It has "The war isn't over..." at the top and the logo and credits at the bottom. Interesting Note* - A thumbnail of this poster sketch showed up on a modern day Star Wars collage checklist print circa 2005.

Star Wars Original Pre-Production Full-Color Illustration By Colin Cantwell

A great glimpse into early pre-production artwork for Star Wars -

Philippe Druillet's illustration of General Grievous

This is Philippe Druillet's commissioned illustration of General Grievous as seen in the Star Wars Visions book published in 2010.

Update - On watermarks found on Prequel Posters - (Answered e-mail)

From what I recall here is the situation with the Lucasfilm watermark on the Star Wars Prequels posters:

Episode 1: Phantom Menace

1. Teaser DS - NO watermark
2. Teaser SS - watermark present
3. Regular DS - watermark present - may be very difficult to see
4. Regular SS - watermark present

Episode 2: Attack of the Clones

1. All SS Advance and Regulars have a watermark.
2. All DS Regulars have a watermark.
3. Only SOME of the DS Advance posters have a watermark.

Episode 3: Revenge of the Sith

Russian Comic Book Adaptation '94

While working on the Russian country poster section recently, I kept seeing this particular image show up in the search engine queue results - Russian Star Wars poster (Звездные войны плакат). I knew this image wasn't from anything theatrical, but once somebody declares it so on their internet list (without any research), and then it gets re-posted, re-blogged, tweeted, tumbled, and then shared, it becomes a factual Russian Star Wars poster. Anyway, to set the record straight, I found a group of collectors talking about this particular comic book image.

Empire Strikes Back poster concept - Tom Jung

Original concept drawing for the Empire Strikes Back one-sheet poster. (1980) Sketch accomplished in pencil featuring Darth Vader with Imperial Walkers and the film logo (on illustration paper). Signed at the lower right, “Tom Jung.” Measures 14" x 17".

Post for my Dad! - Thanks for being my hero and mentor! - May the Force be with You!

Spanish Empire Strikes Back Yoplait Stickers - 1980

While searching for posters we always run across lots of interesting stuff from the Star Wars saga. We often see Italian, German, and Brazilian Panini Stickers, sometimes Finnish R-Kioski promotional stickers and even Argentinean and Mexican El Retorno del Jedi cromos albums. But we thought this was an interesting set issued by Yoplait in Spain. It has 50 self-adhesive stickers that came with the Yoplait yogurts or you could mail-in and receive additional stickers. When put together on the fold-out sticker sheet, it created a four piece larger poster. (86cm x 60cm)