Favorite Links

Favorite Links

Lots of people love to collect Star Wars posters, and fortunately there are still fantastic amounts of paper material from the Star Wars films for sale, even after 46 years of circulation. If you are looking to buy Star Wars movie posters, or just looking for additional poster information, we have compiled a list of hyperlinks to our favorite online stores, reference websites, and StarWars-fan.coms. These links will lead you to additional information about the hobby of Star Wars movie poster collecting and hopefully some good bargains as well. We are very thankful to some of these sites for helping us on our quest to obtain extra knowledge about movie posters, and for their help in obtaining some of the Star Wars posters featured in our web-archive. If you take a sampling from all of these suggested resources, plus information from our website, you should be able to get a handle on all of the different facets in the field of Star Wars poster collecting.

Auction Houses & Online Stores

eBay One of the best sources for finding those rare commercial and vintage film posters! eBay Logo
Prop Store Ltd. A leading vendor of original props, costumes, and related production material as collectible memorabilia. Prop Store Ltd.
Chisholm Larsson Gallery Has a great selection of original foreign Star Wars posters. Chisholm Gallery
Polish Poster Gallery Has a large selection of Polish movie posters, including several from the Star Wars trilogy. Polish Poster Gallery
Movieposter.dk Has a large inventory of Danish and English movie posters. Movieposter.dk
NordicPosters Deals with both Swedish and American Star Wars posters. Seriesam
Original Poster A father and son online establishment that has - Film Posters, British quads, US and UK one-sheets, foreign posters, and lobby cards for sale. Be sure to investigate their sci-fi section! Original Poster

Official, Reference, Poster, & Fan Websites

StarWars.com Has news, articles, and sections talking about all things Star Wars, including film posters and banners. Also, there are blog postings on collecting movie memorabilia from all Episodes (I-IX). Star Wars
The Star Wars Collectors Archive One of the original collecting websites, it has many articles and pictures showcasing Star Wars posters, plus nice blogs and details on many of the aspects of collecting Star Wars stuff. ToysRGus
Movie Poster Collectors The Internet’s portal, reference, and showcase for the wonderful world of movie poster collecting! MPC
Film on Paper An archive website of original film posters featuring the collection of Eddie Shannon. Superb details in both pictures and information for numerous theatrical posters. Be sure to also check out his in-depth blog postings! Film on Paper
The Star Wars Magazines Encyclopedia Bob's awesome website resource for finding out about the vast amount of magazines printed for the Star Wars trilogy. Star Wars Magazines
Movie Posters Gallery Dedicated to showing many worldwide original movie posters and lobby card sets from their personal collection. The website also has some great pictures of many domestic and international Star Wars posters. Movie Posters Gallery
Drew Struzan Gallery Website gallery has a portfolio of both illustrated and studio works. Plus, follow his YouTube videos that share the making of the theatrical Hellboy and many other compilation drawings. Drew Struzan
Restraining Bolt Nice collection of Star Wars props, patches, watches, and 8-track tapes. Also includes a great gallery of photos from the SW Celebrations. Restraining Bolt
Rancho Obi-Wan Rancho Obi-Wan, Inc. serves the public through the collection, conservation, exhibition, and interpretation of Star Wars memorabilia and artifacts. Rancho Obi-Wan
Rebelscum.com Keeps you up to date on all things Star Wars. Rebelscum
Learn About Movie Posters Gives you the basics of movie poster collecting. Also, it has an archive of domestic Star Wars posters. Lamp
Star Wars At The Movies A great resource for collectors and fans. The site documents vintage theatrical advertising and related ephemera, and also celebrates the Trilogy's original movie-going experience. Star Wars at the Movies
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Books / Magazines / Poster

Star Wars Poster Book The ultimate Star Wars collectors guide to the comprehensive amount of saga posters. We are honored to have helped with and been credited in their book. Authors - Stephen Sansweet & Pete Vilmur. SWPB
Tomart's Price Guide Tomart's Price Guide to Worldwide Star Wars Collectibles, by Stephen Sansweet & T.N. Tumbusch, has one of the largest listings of worldwide Star Wars posters. Also, it includes images and price guides. Tomart
Gus and Duncan's Comprehensive Guide to Star Wars Collectibles The largest and most complete guide on Star Wars memorabilia ever assembled, Gus and Duncan's Comprehensive Guide to Star Wars Collectibles, covers more than 75,000 unique Star Wars collectibles illustrated with over 36,000 photos. Authors - Duncan Jenkins and Gus Lopez. Star Wars Collectibles
L'Affiche Star Wars Saga American One-sheet Poster Checklist On the front of this poster are images of the classic American Star Wars trilogy posters and there official titles, and on the back, there is a summary and price guide on each of these featured posters. Author - Kilian Enterprises. L'Affiche
Star Wars Insider Occasionally has articles on Star Wars poster collecting and information on the artists and their illustrations. Published by - Titan Magazines. Star Wars Insider
The Art of Star Wars This hardcover book, and/or subsequent softcover editions, contain lots of information on the artists and their contributions to the Star Wars trilogy. Author - Carol Titelman (Editor). The Art of Star Wars