Africa - Checklists

Egyptian - One-Sheets

حرب النجوم - الامبراطورية تعيد الضربات - عودة الجيداي - تهديد الشبح - هجوم المستنسخين - انتقام السيث - القوة تنهضجنگ ستارگان

Measure approximately 27" x 40", and are usually found rolled and single-sided. These posters are on a glossy thin type paper and the Star Wars artwork is from the traditional Drew Struzan / Lucasfilm illustrations. We don't have any information as of yet, whether there were earlier Star Wars prequel trilogy posters in Arabic, but I have seen some painted wall posters in Cairo, that were promoting the Special Edition movies. Anyway, enjoy this rare Egyptian example from Episode 3 - Revenge of the Sith.

Egypt Date Size / Poster Type Version Artwork Native Language
Egyptian The Phantom Menace Version "B" Video One-Sheet --- The Phantom Menace 1999 26" x 39" / (One-Sheet) Version B Drew Struzan الحلقة الأولى: تهديد الشبح
Egyptian Revenge of the Sith Version "B" One-Sheet --- Revenge of the Sith 2005 26" x 39" / (One-Sheet) Version B Drew Struzan Harb al-kawakeb - Al-halqet Al-thaletha - Intiqam al-sith
Egyptian Star Wars Style "A" Re-release Special Event One-Sheet --- Star Wars 2010 27" x 42" / (One-Sheet) Style "A" Thomas Jung حرب النجوم - ḥarbu al-nuǧūm

South African - (One-Sheets / Two-Sheets)

Stêr oorloë - Gebied stakings terug - Reer terug van die Jedi - Caravan van moed - Stryd vir Endor - Die spook bedreig - Aanval van die Clones - Wraak van die Sith - Die Force wakker - Rogue One: 'n Star Wars-verhaal - Die Laaste Jedi

The one-sheets measure approximately 28" x 40", and the two-sheet measures approximately 33" x 46". The posters are folded and are on a thick glossy paper stock. The Star Wars artwork used is similar to the USA illustrations, with the Empire Strikes Back poster using the traditional international Ohrai drawing. These are the four from South Africa that we have verified as official movie posters from the original trilogy, but there is probably a Return of the Jedi one-sheet as well, along with others. Also, South Africa has newer posters from the Special Edition trilogy and the newer prequel movies. They are basically the same as the US one-sheets, but they have either the Ster-Kinekor logo on them or in more recent years, the Nu Metro Film Distribution badge. Ster-Kinekor and Nu Metro Theatres are the two major film distributors to cinema chains in South Africa, but you can also find local printers marks at the bottom of posters (eg. Raylene in Pretoria and Atlas in Durban). Also, the newer posters have the FPB (Film and Publication Board) movie ratings logo. *Interesting Note - South Africa is the only country other than Egypt that has original poster memorabilia from the Star Wars Saga in Africa. We are also showing a hand-painted Battle for Endor poster used in Ghana by a mobile cinema.

Other than South Africa, most of the other countries in Africa didn't get to see Star Wars first hand, and rather had to watch it at a mobile cinema or some other means (VHS), so finding any other theatrical materials from Africa is basically non-existent. If you are from Africa and have any stories of when you first saw any of the Saga films, let us know by e-mail.

South Africa Date Size / Poster Type Version Artwork Native Language
South African Star Wars Style "A" One-Sheet --- Star Wars 1977 28" x 40" / (One-Sheet) Style "A" Thomas Jung Star Wars
South African Empire Strikes Back Style "A" Foreign One-Sheet --- Empire Strikes Back 1980 28" x 40" / (One-Sheet) Style "A" (Foreign) Noriyoshi Ohrai Empire Strikes Back
South African Star Wars '82 Re-release One-Sheet --- Star Wars 1982 28" x 40" / (One-Sheet) Re-release Thomas Jung Star Wars
South African Return of the Jedi Style "B" Two-Sheet --- Return of the Jedi 1983 40" x 55" / (Two-Sheet) Style "B" Kazuhiko Sano Return of the Jedi
Ghanaian Ewok Adventure Style "A" Foreign Battle for Endor Two-Bag --- The Ewok Adventure 1986 39" x 59" / (Two-Bag) Style "A" (Foreign) Renato Casaro / painted by Stoger Battle for Endor
South African Star Wars Special Edition Version "B" One-Sheet --- Star Wars SE 1997 27" x 40" / (One-Sheet) Version B Drew Struzan The Star Wars Trilogy
South African Revenge of the Sith Version "B" One-Sheet --- Revenge of the Sith 2005 27" x 40" / (One-Sheet) Version B Drew Struzan Revenge of the Sith
South African The Clone Wars Version "A" One-Sheet --- The Clone Wars 2008 27" x 40" / (One-Sheet) Version A New Wave Ent / mOcean The Clone Wars