French Star Wars Style "A" Foreign Panneaux-Affiche Banner


French Star Wars Style "A" Foreign Panneaux
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Other Info: This large poster contains the famous Thomas Jung / René Ferracci style "A" artwork layout on the white background. These huge posters are found folded in eight separate panels. At the top left the tagline says, "Que la force soit avec toi" (May the Force Be With You). The printing contains the illustration overlaid within the French La Guerre des étoiles title lettering. The cast and credit information can be found at the bottom of the poster on either side of a smaller English Star Wars logo. The 20th Century Fox emblem is centered at the bottom. These were to be posted on billboards and theater marquees around France.

Variations*: There is a smaller version of this panneaux-affiche banner, measuring (63"x94" - Double Grande-Affiche), and is found folded in two separate pieces.