USA Return of the Jedi Style "B" International Hercules One-Sheet


USA Return of the Jedi Style "B" Int. Hercules One-Sheet
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Other Info: Extremely unique proof of the Return of the Jedi Style "B" one-sheet. One of only a handful of firsts off the presses, these proof copies from Gore Graphics have the international version credit information with the PG ratings box omitted. They were also printed on a glossy stock paper, making the artwork much more vivid. This particular proof has the one-sheet '83 re-release illustration of Hercules in New York, starring Arnold Schwarzenegger on the back side. Only a handful of these are known to exist. Making them even rarer than the reverse side Android proof and the ROTJ 3/6/24-Sheet proof backside versions. (See pic below.)



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Hercules in New York - '83 re-release on back side of Jedi printers proof