Saga Posters

Specialized Event & Misc. Saga Posters

This set of posters in the gallery represents specialized event posters, and miscellaneous advertisement materials associated with the Star Wars Saga. Many of them have become as popular, or in some cases, more popular than the movie posters themselves. The unique illustrations on these posters have become favorites among collectors, who have wanted to diversify their collections with posters other than the just the theatrical paper memorabilia. Some of these posters are easily obtainable, while others have reached mythic status because of their appeal and rarity. The posters shown on these gallery pages are only a sampling of the numerous "other Star Wars posters" one can obtain.

Soundtrack Posters

The soundtrack posters from the Star Wars Saga are another unique category, that demonstrates the powerful advertising effect Star Wars had in the music industry. These posters were not available to the general public, except when they came with an LP / Cassette /or CD. They were used by retail outlets as promotional advertisement and many of them were thrown away (simply because they were ads), after the initial releases of the different soundtracks. Throughout the years, die-hard Star Wars poster collectors have had lots of fun trying to hunt some of these down.

Star Wars Trilogy Anniversary Posters

In the summer of 1985, L'Affiche, which was a division of Kilian Enterprises, issued a "newsletter" poster called the - "Star Wars Saga - American One-Sheet Poster Checklist". Lucasfilm had authorized them to reprint the artwork from the original movie posters onto a new checklist poster. This new poster, pictured and gave an informative summary on each of the US Star Wars trilogy one-sheet posters. The checklist poster was a big hit among fans and poster enthusiasts, and because of its success, Kilian Enterprises was allowed to continue printing other authorized posters for Lucasfilm. A good share of the posters they continued to issue are the bulk of the early anniversary movie posters for the Star Wars trilogy until around 1995. For these anniversary posters, Kilian Enterprises used artwork from Hildebrandt, Struzan, Sano, Noble, along with other illustrations and layout designs from Dayna Stedry. There are also a few other anniversary posters listed in the gallery from other artists that were issued by the fan clubs, and although we are only showing a few of the foreign "SW Anniversary posters", there are other countries like Japan, which have produced posters for the anniversary occasions.

Mass Market & Premium Tie-in Posters

This collection of posters in the gallery, represents only a sampling of the numerous "other Star Wars posters" that one can obtain. We are showing some premium tie-ins, mass market posters, and other advertisement materials, that are associated with the Star Wars Saga. Many of these posters are easily obtainable (except for a select group of them), and because there are literally thousands of these posters to choose from, collectors will often select just the various styles that are appealing to them.