United States Revenge of the Sith Style "D" Sith Circus Fan Club One-Sheet


United States Revenge of the Sith Style "D" Sith Circus Fan Club One-Sheet
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Other Info: The StarWarsShop.com and Lucasfilm, under the art supervision of our good friend Pete Vilmur, tapped artist Matt Busch (and Paul Michael Kane Designer/Photographer - "Fonts") to compose a brand new illustration known as the - "Sith Circus" for the online shop. In the spirit of the retro-inspired 1978 "Circus" style "D" one-sheet poster for Star Wars, this brand new illustration, brilliantly captures the adventure, excitement and emotion of Revenge of the Sith in a fresh and unexpected way. Fans of the "Circus" 1978 poster will note many of the compositional elements of the "Sith Circus" artwork have been reversed to accommodate a side-by-side presentation with the 1978 original. Together, the two beautifully showcase many of the heroes and villains from both trilogies. The poster was for sale at the StarWarsShop.com starting in October 2007 for ($19.99). Fifteen-percent of the total print run was hand-signed by Matt Busch, which were randomly sent out to those who purchased the "Sith Circus" one-sheet. Starting in November 2007, you could also purchase a bundle ($34.99) that included this poster, along with an original reproduction of the '78 style "D" one-sheet, plus a smaller black and white concept-sketch print that was available to the first 500 members who purchased the "Sith Circus" poster! (See Concept-Sketch print below)

From Matt Busch's Website -

The circle is now complete! One of the fan favorite STAR WARS movie posters is the original 1978 Style D One Sheet movie poster, illustrated by Drew Stuzan and Charles White III. To bookshelf the original with the completion of the film saga, Lucasfilm tapped Matt Busch to create the Style D for STAR WARS Episode III: Revenge of the Sith!

While StarWarsShop.com has sold out of 2 print runs, a limited number have been authorized for Matt Busch to sell here exclusively!

In addition, a limited print of one of the earlier alternate sketch compositions was also previously available- now yours for FREE when you order the poster!

The One Sheet has standard movie poster dimensions: 27" X 41". The limited sketch print is 12" X 18". Nab these before they're gone!



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Limited concept-sketch print (12" X 18").