Wanted Movie Posters

Wanted Movie Posters

Below is a list of posters that we are still looking for. If you happen to have any of them for sale, please let us know. We will be happy to provide you with a digital photo of any of the posters wanted below if necessary. Also, listed on the individual poster records throughout the website is a category called {Status: Archived or Wanted.} If you see a poster record that has a "Wanted" next to the status, please email us if you have one of them for purchase as well.

Also, if you have any Star Wars theatrical posters that you would like to sell, (from the original trilogy era -'76 to '85) be sure to drop us an e-mail about them because we might need them, or know of other collectors that are in search of them.

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Star Wars '91 Croatian 13" x 27" (Insert) Filmoteka 16 (Promo) - Yellow
Empire Strikes Back '80 Thailand 21" x 31" (One-Sheet) Style "B" - Jung Artwork
Empire Strikes Back '80 German 11" x 16" (Handbill) Style "B" - Jung Artwork
Empire Strikes Back '80 Israeli/Hebrew 25" x 37" (One-Sheet) Style "B" - Jung Artwork
Empire Strikes Back '81 Hungarian 16" x 22" (A2-Sized) - A Birodalom Visszavág
Return of the Jedi '83 Hong Kong 21" x 31" (One-Sheet) Style "B" - Sano Artwork
Return of the Jedi '83 South Africa (Two-Sheet) Style "B" - Sano Artwork
Caravan of Courage '84 Brazilian 25" x 36" (One-Sheet) Style "A" - Sano Artwork
Caravan of Courage '84 Brazilian 25" x 36" (One-Sheet) Style "B" - Struzan Artwork

Any Star Wars SE poster from Brazil, Bulgaria, Norway, Lebanon, South Africa
Episode 1 - Brazil 1999 25" x 36" (One-Sheet) (A Ameaça Fantasma) Version "B"
Episode 1 - Finland 1999 27" x 39" (One-Sheet) (Pimeä Uhka) Version "B"
Episode 2 (One-Sheets) - India, Hungary, French-Canadian, Israel, Slovenia
Episode 3 (One-Sheets) - Slovakia, Greece, India
Episode 7 (One-Sheets) - Brazil, Bulgaria, Hungary, South Africa, Ukraine, S. Korea

+ Possibly any other Star Wars theatrical poster that you see or don't see on this website archive.