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First of all, thanks for visiting the website. We hope you enjoyed seeing some of the many different versions of Star Wars movie posters from all over the world. Our only goal of this website is to share information and show some of the numerous posters associated with the Star Wars Saga. Hopefully, you might see some posters that you didn't know existed or at least gain some more knowledge about a poster that you might have. For now, we are showing a good majority of the saga theatrical posters, plus others, and will continue to add to this archive as our collection gets bigger. We believe that having a poster locked away in someone's personal collection so that they are the only ones that can enjoy it, defeats the real intended purpose of these promotional advertisements. The only real joy you can get out of having some of these pieces of advertising paper is by showing them off, so people can see them and remember the emotions and excitement they felt before, during, and after the event.

Below, we are listing in different sections, helpful hints, and information that will allow you to utilize the website efficiently. If you have any questions or additional information that pertains to this website don't hesitate to contact us. Please use the contact form located by clicking 'Contact' on the main menu header. We don't claim to be experts in the genre of cinema movie posters, but when it comes to Star Wars Movie Posters, we might know a thing or two.

Best Wishes, Enjoy the Collection, and Happy 20th Anniversary to our website!
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General Information

To navigate the website just use the pull-down menus located in the header banner. The 'Posters' menu shows links to the different continents and their respective countries that all have saga posters that you can look at. Just select one and then visit that country's poster matrix grid page to see all or some of the different Star Wars posters from around the globe. On each of the countries' pages, you can filter the posters by movie or just look at them 'all', which is what the default tab is set to. Once you choose an individual poster's thumbnail, you will be taken to the record of that poster. (Below, we explain what can be found on the poster record page). On the 'Continent Menu Tabs' (eg. Europe) you will find generalized poster information about the respective countries belonging to this region of the globe, along with all of the native language titles, main poster types/sizes, and poster checklists associated with them. Countries on 'Continent Pages' are listed alphabetically and at the bottom, you can (Scroll Down) through the poster checklists. Also, don't forget to visit the 'Saga Posters' section listed on the Poster menu at the bottom, below all of the countries. It shows some of the special event posters, soundtrack posters, anniversary posters, and a mass market page that has some of the popular non-movie / commercial posters, such as the popular set of Japanese Yamakatsu posters. Plus, we have a new blogging section, where we will be posting information on bootlegs, FAQs, poster concepts, digital pictures of posters that don't fit neatly into the gallery sections, and other news about related movie materials such as standees, press kits, and lobby cards. We also added a new Star Wars Saga movie trailers section under the 'Home Page Menu' to go along with our SiteMap, Donate, Wanted Lists, and our popular Poster Terms page. And lastly, if you are looking for something specific, you can always do a quick global search (located on the home page underneath the logo and also on various pages throughout the website in the right or left sidebars), which will show you all the relevant keywords that you might be looking for.

Poster Record Selection - When you select a poster's thumbnail image or data link from a countries matrix grid gallery, that selection will take you to the poster's individual records page. This will give you all the specific details known about that particular poster. Below is a sample of what the poster records page looks like and what is contained in all the different sections.

Swedish Star Wars Poster Page

Section A. - Shows the country, movie title, style, and size of the poster according to the country.

Section B. - Shows a larger digital image of the poster. Click to enlarge image even more.
It will be shown in a Colorbox popUp window.

Section C. - Shows the specific details of the poster.

Header Title: (Navy Blue / Silver Lettering) - shows the native language title of what the film is called in a particular country. For e.g. - (Guerre stellari) - is the native Italian title for "Star Wars". (Note: If you do not have certain character language sets loaded
for your browser {for example Japanese, India}, this section could show up as up in unrecognized blocks.)

Episode: - shows what film in the Star Wars saga this poster was used for.

Country: - shows what country this poster was used for.

Date: - year and/or release of the film, plus when the poster was printed.

Artwork by: - artist, illustrator, designer, photographer, or ad agency that created the poster.

Version: - gives you the style of the poster and what USA version it is
comparable to. If the word (Foreign) is listed after the Style, than the poster is unlike any US poster.

Poster Type: - gives the poster's nomenclature it is known for based on the country's paper sizes.

Size (inch): - gives the poster's size in inches. (Note: approximate)
Size (cm): - gives the poster's size in centimeters. (Note: approximate)
Bootlegs: - gives information about things to look for, if there are known
forgeries of the particular poster. (Note: An asterisk is used to denote that more information can be found in the body section under {Other Info:})

Price: - gives the posters approximate value as related to others found in this archive. (Note: prices are subjective and even with 36 years of experience in dealing with all these posters, along with many other factors, it is our best guess. It still doesn't mean an extremely rare poster won't show up on eBay tomorrow for a buy-it now price of $0.99, or that someone will not try to sell you a 2008 Australian Clone Wars theatrical One-Sheet for $500.00.) However, we have found it to be quite accurate!

Variations: - lists how the poster is typically found by collectors, and also if it is similar
(slightly or hugely) to another poster. (Note: An asterisk is used to denote that more information can be found in the body section under {Other Info:})

Status: - lists the poster as archived or wanted. If we are looking for a copy or additional
copies of this particular poster, please e-mail us if you have one for sale or trade.

Visit Store: - looking for a particular Star Wars poster? Take a look in our webshop to see if we have any of the exciting versions from around the globe that you are seeking. If you click on the Stellar Light Gallery shop image it will take you to our shop, which contains posters, toys, and collectibles for sale. (

Maps: - shows the current country's map data from Google Maps.

Section D. - Shows the {Other Info: / Variations*: / Bootlegs*:} sections of the poster record. You will find facts, summaries, characters, special notes, and any other unique symbols or items that we have discovered about the particular poster.

Section E. - Shows the Jawa Meter - Rarity of Poster.

Jawa Meter Score Card

The Jawa Meter gives you a feel for how hard this particular poster might be to find versus the other posters listed in the archive. It is
based on criteria from these five questions.

1. - How many posters there are of a particular version circulating?
2. - How popular is this poster?
3. - How much are individuals willing to pay for the poster?
4. - How old is the poster?
5. - Was the poster issued for theatrical use, commercial use, or a movie tie-in?

The Jawa Meter calculates on a scale from One - Ten. By visually watching the junk trader Jawa shoot his blaster at R2-D2, you can tell just how rare the poster is by seeing the effects of the ion blast on R2 at each level.

Section F. - This section shows additional images that are related or pertinent to this poster/collectible. You will see a note in the {Other Info:} section ~ (See pic below) ~, if there are any more digital pictures below.

Image Information

Coming Soon Image

In a few places, you will find an icon proclaiming, "Image Coming Soon!". (Mainly found in the matrix thumbnail grid of the country, or on the individual posters record page.) It means that an image is not yet available. If for some reason we don't have an image for a known poster, that we would like to show on our website, we have used this icon to let you know that a version of this poster does exist, but we have been unable to obtain a picture of it for you. This can happen for many different reasons. The first reason is that a poster is so rare that there aren't any easily obtainable photos of it. The second reason and the more common occurrence is that we may have an image of the poster, but before we use the photo, we would like to get permission from the original photographer and give them credit for their snapshot. For the most part, we are using photos from our own personal collection, which includes the majority of the poster images. But obviously, we don't have everything, and there are instances where we feel it would be nice to show some of the other posters that we might not be as personally interested in, but that should be showcased on this website for reference purposes. In the few cases where we have used other people's photos, we have listed them by name in the {Other Info:} section below the digital poster images. We like to give those persons/collectors or websites many thanks for helping us to make this website as complete as possible. I realize that some of the pictures circulating around the web could easily be taken and used on this site, but we don't want other websites harvesting our pictures, so we will do our best to credit the original photographer, publication, or website if we use any digital photo from a third party.

(Note: If a digital image cannot be verified or credited the poster probably originated as an auction photo or an actual press stock photo from the Lucasfilm graphics department. If the {Artwork By:} section lists a poster as - 20th Century Fox layout, and you happen to know who the actual artist is - please let us know via email or contact form.)

Terms of Use/Copyright Information

First and foremost, this fan created website is intended for reference and entertainment purposes only. None of this would have been possible without 20th Century Fox, and now The Walt Disney Company, or the creative forces of George Lucas, and the many employees at Lucasfilm Ltd.

The artwork on these posters that are shown throughout the following website pages belongs to their respective artists, photographers, and layout design firms. All illustrations were ultimately created for and belong to Lucasfilm Ltd. as licensed copyrighted works or reverted back to the original creator of the "works". No copyright infringement has been intended by this website, and the use of anything from this domain, other than for personal or non-commercial purposes is strictly prohibited. The original content of this website belongs as the intellectual property of - ( and/or Paul Wilson. In many cases, images from this site have been created from icons, logos, original illustrations, and other key elements, that ultimately were derived from material created for or by Lucasfilm Ltd. All such elements shall be recognized as belonging to Lucasfilm Ltd. or the original creator of the "works".

Because of the popularity of Star Wars posters and this website, on an almost daily basis, we see our digitally photographed / scanned posters in other blogs, on eBay®, personal websites, etc. If you must use them, we're flattered, but please at least give us credit on your site/blog post for using our images and/or the content. And if you are going to use them in your auctions along with our copied text and summaries, to sell your posters, please consider giving us a donation to the website for doing all the factual-based research!!!

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